Oreta Adventure is locally owned tour and safari operator that specialist with Mountain Climbing, Wildlife Safaris, Cultural tours and Beach Holiday vacations all over Tanzania. Our ultimate goal is producing happy and satisfied clients with a lifetime memorable experience about Africa. We have a huge knowledge and qualifications that make us to be one of the Competent Safari Company in Tanzania. As a locally owned company, we are primarily located in Moshi town, just a few kilometers away from the roof top of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

We believe in professionalism and work as a team to ensure that every step and destination we move will bring a unique experience to our client so as to make the reality of the dreams.

We have multiple language speaking workers, well educated (Guides, Chiefs, drivers e.t.c) knowledgeable with huge field experience that will take and guide you through your destination to ensure each moment and adventure is individually complete.

Whether you are a higher or lower budget traveler, Oreta Adventures is here to offer you a quality and standard services with standard itinerary as well and as tailor made and customized programs to individual as groups, for luxury lodges or Camping Safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru trekking Cultural town programs, student Package and special cultural towns itinerary eg.Masai Hadzabe, Datoga, Chagga,Swahili coasts e.t.c

We strive to serve you better

We are Tanzania born operators

We're a local travel agency. When you book with us, you deal with first person in business chain. Rest assured that no middle man take a cut so you get the best price only.

Peace of mind Payment methods

We know what it means to pay full amount of money to the internet business. You will not do that with us. You only pay upfront amount of 300 USD regardless of how much big a trip cost is, just to guarantee your trip and you will decide later on how you want to finalize payments before tour start.

Dedicated service

All our mountain guides are well trained with certificates for First Aid and Wilderness First Responders from recognized trainers from Denver, Colorado - USA. Our guides check the healthy progress of our customers each day and give the advice based on the findings. Oxygen tank is provided to each trip for serious/critical condition.

Friendly Accommodations

Our accommodation partners are handpicked. We never book your room to unknown hotel because we know how important accommodation is to our customers when travelling abroad.

Easy booking process

Our booking process is just straight forward. Choose your trip, pick available date, and make the down payments to reserve your spot – Done! That’s it!

Some of Our Services

Budget camping safari

Budget camping safari

Our camping safaris are just the best combination of the northern Tanzania parks. Each camping safari on our website is focusing on three things: 1. Time 2. Cost 3. Animal concentration. Our safari trips start from single day and goes up to 5 days option.

check out all the trip list here
Airport shuttle services

Airport shuttle services

No need to hire an expensive taxi to take you from Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO) to Arusha or Moshi. You can reserve your trip to Arusha or Moshi from the airport or to the airport as cheap as 10 USD per person one-way.

Groups to Join

Groups to Join

Travelling together is the greatest way of meeting new people face to face and our “Groups to Join” link is the tool that work incredibly well to connect you to new friends, and at the same time to share some costs.

Happy Travelers

Core members

Our team of local and dedicated professionals

Ombeni E Lema

Ombeni E Lema

Founder and head supervisor

Ombeni Lema, commonly known as Lema is the founder and a head supervisor of the company. His dream to run a touring company started when he was pursuing his safari guiding training at Roral Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management back in 2008. After he finished his course, job hunting was not easy and he decided to go on the mountain as a porter for sometimes, the experience which fueled him to re-think and put in action the dream of running a tour company after he learned how porters on the mountain are mistreated.  He remembers very well the day he returned from the mountain after spending good ten days on Kilimanjaro, by Lemosho route with severe cold and end paid half of his wages while he had planned for it even before the trip end.

However, a little education he had then did not help him a lot. He had an opportunity to volunteer in one of ‘after trek tipping ceremonies’ by translating Swahili (Tanzania national language) to English for the clients to understand what the guides and porters were saying to them, and English to Swahili language for the porters to understand what clients were saying to them. It was then, one of the mountain guides saw him and asked him to volunteer to his orphanage center. It was very fine for Lema to start during the low season since no mountain trips during the time.

On the course of working at the orphanage center, one of the directors of the center from the United States, Dr. Gregory Higgins realized how kids loved him, and he wanted him to work there for a long time. He knew how Lema was talented and when Lema stopped working at the orphanage center, Dr. Gregory Higgins asked him what he wants to do, and Lema said he wants to go to college.

Lema went to Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies and Dr. Gregory paid for his tuition fee for three years. In the collage, Lema started with a certificate in Accounting and Management course and the remaining two years he went for Diploma in Microfinance Management. The courses and the mountain experience were good enough for Lema to Implement his vision of starting the touring company and today, he is happy to take care of Oreta Adventures’ clients as well as porters.

With porters’ mistreatment on the mountain in his mind, Lema has become a KPAP member and makes sure each Kilimanjaro trip Oreta has must be monitored by a porters from KPAP to make sure that they all treated well on the mountain, carries no more than 20kgs, receive the KPAP recommended wages and they have three meals each day while on mountain.

Renalda D Mwalongo

Customer relations and communication

It is amazing how the passion for nature can grow internally and change a person completely. Renalda went to Majengo primary school when she was a kid. Her secondary school was JK Nyerere for four years. At her secondary school, when she thought about a professional carrier, she believed to be a doctor. Unfortunately, she found her self going for teaching. She got her Bachelor of Art with Education at the University of Dar es Salaam. Before she drops her teaching carrier for secondary schools which she has been doing for past 10 years, she had an opportunity to visit the USA as a Fulbright foreign language teaching assistant at the University of Florida for one year.

When she returned to Tanzania, she had her first safari trip to Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater and since then, she fell in love with nature and beautiful parks the Tanzania country have. After learning for some time, Renalda has become a prominent person in responding to clients enquires and accommodation in general. No doubt that if you write to us, you will meet her through e-mail.

Annyseth J Dida

Operation Manager

Annyseth Dida a.k.a “Magufuli” joined Oreta in 2017 and since then, he has consistency exceeding the company expectations both in leading the office’s work and ground logistics. With the management skills and business background he has, he has helped the company to excel and no doubt that the company will go with him for many years to come. Anytime your trek or safari going smoothly, it is Didas’ behind it.