Private Kilimanjaro Climb

Your Kilimanjaro dream climb is entirely your own to design. You go with the people you choose. You leave on whatever day you wish. You decide on your preferred route option, pace and the number of days you will take, with detours to villages, forest, geological features, or whatever attracts you to the mountain, be it flora, panoramic landscapes, glaciers or climbing challenges. You can choose a longer days trek or short so that you can actually enjoy your unique Kilimanjaro vacation rather a group pace race to reach the summit.

Your Tanzanian mountain holiday at Kilimanjaro is the opportunity of a lifetime. You deserve the best possible planning and support to make it a treasured memory you will share with delight. Leaving on your preferred day means you can accommodate your time frame and enjoy what you love the most. Setting out at staggered times on varied routes makes your trekking tour of Mt. Kilimanjaro a more private and personalized experience, affording you the prospect of enjoying the landscape at its most authentic.

Best Seasons:January, February, March, May, June, July, August, September, November December
Popular Location:Tanzania

Available routes