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Should tourists vote for cable cars on Mount Kilimanjaro?

In many countries, we have seen the influence of leaders in making either the wrong or good decisions when on the power and the outcomes be negative or positive respectively. Most leaders of the world for sure rule by wisdom and respect the decisions of the majority. In Tanzania, we have witnessed a good and strong growing democracy, and no doughty that this is what people need. 

The debate of cable cars on Mount Kilimanjaro is happening in the regions with a high concentration of tourists including Moshi town where trips for climbing Kilimanjaro mostly start. Many people, especially those in the mountain businesses have their views and they feel they should be asked for advice whether the cable cars are a good or bad suggestion.

Most believe that if the idea will be implemented, many locals, especially the majority of youths who climb the mountain as porters will suffer unemployment since the cable cars will take their position by reducing greatly the numbers of bags and food needed by clients on the mountain. 

On the other side, the cable can be a good option for tourists to cut the trekking costs and therefore traveling for less. However, one thing that tourists will really miss is the culture of the people. There is nothing to compare with mountain crews morale. These are the great people that make the trip memorable, and the connection that you establish with guides e.t.c are the things that will last a long time. 

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