Ombeni Lema

Founder and head supervisor

Ombeni Lema, commonly known as Lema is the founder and a head supervisor of the company. His dream to run a touring company started when he was pursuing his safari guiding training at Roral Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management back in 2008. After he finished his course, job hunting was not easy and he decided to go on the mountain as a porter for sometimes, the experience which fueled him to re-think and put in action the dream of running a tour company after he learned how porters on the mountain are mistreated.  He remembers very well the day he returned from the mountain after spending good ten days on Kilimanjaro, by Lemosho route with severe cold and end paid half of his wages while he had planned for it even before the trip end.

However, a little education he had then did not help him a lot. He had an opportunity to volunteer in one of ‘after trek tipping ceremonies’ by translating Swahili (Tanzania national language) to English for the clients to understand what the guides and porters were saying to them, and English to Swahili language for the porters to understand what clients were saying to them. It was then, one of the mountain guides saw him and asked him to volunteer to his orphanage center. It was very fine for Lema to start during the low season since no mountain trips during the time.

On the course of working at the orphanage center, one of the directors of the center from the United States, Dr. Gregory Higgins realized how kids loved him, and he wanted him to work there for a long time. He knew how Lema was talented and when Lema stopped working at the orphanage center, Dr. Gregory Higgins asked him what he wants to do, and Lema said he wants to go to college.

Lema went to Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies and Dr. Gregory paid for his tuition fee for three years. In the collage, Lema started with a certificate in Accounting and Management course and the remaining two years he went for Diploma in Microfinance Management. The courses and the mountain experience were good enough for Lema to Implement his vision of starting the touring company and today, he is happy to take care of Oreta Adventures’ clients as well as porters.

With porters’ mistreatment on the mountain in his mind, Lema has become a KPAP member and makes sure each Kilimanjaro trip Oreta has must be monitored by a porters from KPAP to make sure that they all treated well on the mountain, carries no more than 20kgs, receive the KPAP recommended wages and they have three meals each day while on mountain.