Booking Conditions

An amount of US$ 300 of the total tour(s) purchased is required at the time of check out from our website. For last-minute reservations, conditions will change.


20% of the tour cost will be deducted from the payment you made to cover transactional costs and initial office expenses if you will cancel your trip. There are no refunds for unused portions of the program, and refunds will not be made to clients who do not complete the tour for any reason, whatsoever amendments made to the itinerary once paid for, may result in additional costs.

Alterations of tours

The right is reserved to change any arrangements should condition so necessitate. If your expedition must be canceled by Oreta Adventures Safari LTD due to circumstances outside of your control (e.g. natural disasters, weather, etc.), we will work with you to reschedule at no extra cost. If rescheduling is not possible, you will be reimbursed the total amount of your purchase less 20% of trip cost.


It must be clearly understood that these are adventure safaris and there are certain dangers and risks which are inevitable. Whilst every care is taken for the safety and comfort of our clients, the company accepts no liability for all or any of the following:

Ø  Damage or loss of property of any client howsoever caused.

Ø  Sickness, infection, injury or death of the clients, howsoever caused.

Ø  Change of itinerary due to road and weather conditions.

Ø  Damages, directly or indirectly, arising out of delays in departure or arrival including delays occasioned by the missing of road, rail, ship or aircraft connections.

Ø  War and other likely calamities which may occur while on the safari.

All of the above and other unexpected situations can arise before or during any type of vacation. Such an event might cause you to cut short your vacation or cause your trip to be canceled altogether. Unfortunately, because of the costs incurred by the tour operator, any cancellation after booking incurs financial penalties, up to and including loss of the entire package price. That is why we strongly recommend a Travel Protection Plan offered by Insurance Agency Inc. For one low per-person price, you can buy peace of mind and keep your vacation worry-free. Ask your travel counsel about it at the time of booking.

Oreta Adventures Safari LTD reserves the following rights:

Ø  To alter the route in the itinerary should condition necessitate for the good of the client.

Ø  To replace a faulty vehicle and compensate hours lost, by extra safari hours or days.


 Only US Dollars are accepted when you are buying from our site. Otherwise, we encourage our clients to travel with their international cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc) and draw cash when they are in Tanzania and remember to contact your home bank and talk to them that you are traveling to Africa/ Tanzania to avoid unnecessary fund transactions while you are in the country. Many banks restrict funds transaction based on geographical location and amount too. Many banks in Moshi town accept international cards. 


The company and its agents act only as agent or agents in all matters relating to tours. The liability carried in its own is governed by the respective laws of the country and all claims.  It is strongly advised that you take out fully comprehensive insurance including death, medical expenses, injury, delays, loss, and damage of property. Oreta Adventures Safari LTD will not be held responsible for any such claims.