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Our challenge was to climb both Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro our reward was a 3 day safari. Oreta provided its support, expertise, friendship and enthusiasm. Every member of our party of 5 achieved both summits thanks to Oreta’s wonderful Guides and Porters.
Oreta’s tour consultants, Renalda and Lema, supported us throughout our trip planning, in regular contact by email as we developed our itinerary. Always great advice and prompt replies.
Lema also cared for us on our days in Moshi, arranged the Hotel, transport to and from the airport and local excursions – this made the whole trip completely trouble free.
Meru is a fantastic mountain. At 4566m it provides excellent acclimatisation. The views are spectacular – especially of Kilimanjaro. Wild life is abundant – giraffe, elephant, baboon, monkey, buffalo, zebra. The route is straightforward and the huts are in great condition. It is a great opportunity to get used to high altitude climbing and to get used to your kit.
We chose to climb Kilimanjaro by the Rongai Route. It is the longest ascent and therefore the most successful. It is much quieter than the routes up the south side. It takes you to the foot of Mawenzi Peak and a camp by Mawenzi Tarn which is spectacular. We camped in tents provided by Oreta and ate wonderful Tanzanian food expertly cooked by Ramadani. The final day was hard – VERY hard – but all 5 of us reached the summit at 9 am after 8 hours of climbing and witnessed a wonderful dawn on the way up.
Our Guides, Hebron, Gabriel and Beatus were fantastic. Clearly highly experienced, patient, kind and very safe. Our porters capable, competent, warm and friendly. Oreta is known to pay its porters very well and to support them in gaining qualifications – this was an important factor in our decision to use Oreta.
We planned to see the Ngorogoro Crater Park, but Oreta advised us to visit Tarangeri Park as well. Thank you, Oreta, our closest and best wild life experiences were at Tarangeri and at Arusha Park around Meru.
Oreta Adventures is based in Moshi. It is run by local people and employs local guides and porters. The company is competent, experienced and very safe. I cannot thank them enough.

Visited trips by this group: 4 Days Mount Meru climb + 2 night hotel stay – 6 Days ,  Mount Kilimanjaro by Rongai route 7 days + 2 night hotel stay – 9 Days and Camping safari: 3 Days Tarangire and Ngorongoro crater + 2night hotel stay

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