Kilimanjaro: Door-to-Door Amazing Support

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My wife and I organized a 7-day trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (via the Lemosho route). We did quite a lot of research, and Oreta stood out for two reasons: Firstly, they were a local Tanzanian business (from Moshi) and part of a local organization (KPAP) which enforced minimum standards of care (including remuneration) for porters. Secondly, because the (Tanzanian) company Directors live in the United States, their English was excellent – making email communications and arrangements easy and clear. Our positive first impression continued from the moment we were picked up in Arusha and taken to our hostel in Moshi, and then personally greeted by Lema (one of the owners) prior to leaving for Kilimanjaro. Now to the hike… my wife and I discussed this at length, and we honestly cannot think of any way the team (porters, guides & cook) could have done a better job. They were incredibly friendly and pleasant – always smiling and making sure we had everything we needed. The food was amazing (we were astounded by the quality and quantity – we initially thought food was going to be quite basic, but we were received daily banquets in our tent!). The two guides – Rama & Daud – were knowledgeable, patient, supportive, humble and also great to converse with (and learn a bit more about the mountain and the history of Tanzania and East Africa). There was not a moment during the trip that they did not prioritize us – they were 100% laser-focused on making sure the experience was what we wanted (while also making sure we were progressing at a pace that helped us acclimatize and increase our chances of reaching the peak). They were also very diligent in running daily tests and verbal checks to monitor how the altitude was affecting us during the trek. During the final ascent, they were encouraging and genuinely excited that we made it to the top. We have nothing but praise for the team – in every possible way. These guys work so hard – and deserve all the support (usually in the form of tips) they can get – so if you can afford, please give handsomely. Finally, after Summiting and coming down from the mountain, Lema (the owner) took us out to dinner to celebrate. He was kind enough to share some of his life stories and how his company supports the local community. The next day he dropped us off at the airport, always with a big smile on his face. Everyone we dealt with at Oretra was honest, reliable, and excellent in their job. We were VERY impressed and humbled by the experience – and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

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